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Adventures in Burkeland - Tuesday, July 10, 2018
A little working family on a little hobby farm.
 Tuesday, July 10, 2018
I had the privilege of spending the last couple days catching up with one of my oldest and best friends. Kristi was my roommate and college and there are few friendships that I value more. Unfortunately we live too far apart to see each other often (although we do make time for coffee when she comes to PDX or we venture to Kirkland.)
She and her son spent a night and a couple days with us while her daughter was at a camp in Oregon and it was a real treat to be able to catch up on each others lives beyond what coffee or a phone call allows.

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 Sunday, July 08, 2018
International politics has come to our backyard this summer with 123 refugees imprisoned in the Sheridan Federal Correctional Institution we drive past everyday. Our church and other local Christian churches have partnered with area Sikh and Jewish congregations to hold monthly services at the city park next door to the prison in support of the asylum-seekers. (Many of those detained are of the Sikh-faith.) An offering is taken during each service that has been used to create a fund available to the detainees for phone calls, personal items and other things funds are required to access inside.
It has really been an amazing opportunity to see people of different faiths put aside their difference and come together in support of people who are lonely, tired, scared (pick your adjective) and have come to our country with nothing. Despite the circumstances, I'm happy the boys have been able to see these services. So inspiring!

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 Friday, July 06, 2018
Ok, that's it. After watching my yard get completely destroyed by gopher mounds...
...AND then the dog trying to catch the gophers...
....AND then trying a variety of ways to get rid of gophers...
...AND then looking out last week and seeing TWO "chatting" with each other over the tops of their mounds...
...I've borrowed my dad's traps.
Two hours later: first one down.

UPDATE: By mid-August I have pulled SIX full-sized gophers out the yard. No wonder it was a mess!!

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 Saturday, June 30, 2018
Our old ram laid down next to the fence in the back pasture last week and went to sleep. Permanently.
We spent a couple days talking about what type of ram we would like to replace him with, and then a few more days looking for the right one, at the right price.
Today Scott went and picked up "Wishbone" - welcome to the farm!

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 Thursday, June 28, 2018
Happy Birthday, Nolan. Seriously, how did you get to be 10 years old??!!

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 Monday, June 18, 2018
I know we were at the hospital when Jaden was born, but when I think about my earliest memory of him, I always think about feeding him in a carrier on the kitchen counter of the place on Heron Island we used to visit every summer with Pat & Donnah.

Perhaps that's why it was a bit surreal to sit through his high school graduation today.Congratulations, Jaden!
"You're off to new places, you're off to high heights!"

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 Friday, June 08, 2018
Nolan and mom decided to go to the beach today.
Just because.
We played in the sand, jumped waves and then drove to Newport just to get a picture at the western end of Hwy 20, to match the one he took in Boston.
It was a "just because" day!

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 Monday, June 04, 2018
This morning Scott and I woke up and he immediately said, "Did you hear that cat outside last night?"
Of course, I had. It was LOUD. But it was also not the first time a feral cat at loudly wandered through during the night, so we didn't think much more about it. Scott and Nolan took off for school and work, and then Carson and I were out the door for an appointment just a couple hours later.
When we returned home about 1pm, the meowing was back and Carson went to investigate. In hindsight, perhaps I should have gone with him because then I could have mediated a bit before he came running back to the house yelling that there was a tiny kitten stuck in the blackberries next to the barn.
Down on my knees I worked to free the kitty while she bit down hard enough on my finger to draw blood (your welcome), and finally got her free. We knew she had been out there at least 12 hours (based on when Scott and I had heard her during the night) so we warmed up some milk with a little tuna and watched her scarf that down fast. While Carson met with his tutor I called the vet to see what I could learn:
*The kitten appears to be about four weeks (we thought it was closer to 3 weeks until she started getting some strength back from the food)
*The chances of a feral mamma coming back for her was extremely slim
*She still needs formula for about four more weeks, so she's not going to survive on her own
*We're going to end up raising this cat

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 Wednesday, April 25, 2018
We're all together again - Scott made it home tonight after staying a few extra days in Boston for the conference!

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 Monday, April 23, 2018
All good things must end, and our time together in Boston ended this morning.
Scott was up early and off to the subway with his bags to attend the conference that justified our trip from the start. With him gone it was up to the boys and I to pack up the apartment and have our bags stowed in the kitchen area by the 11am check-out deadline. (We had arranged to leave our bags there for a few more hours so we could take in our final sights.) No longer able to hangout in our room we ate breakfast at Theo's Cozy Corner and then called an Uber to the final two stops on the Freedom Trail: Bunker Hill and the USS Constitution.

It took some coaxing, but Nolan and I finally convinced Carson that we should climb the Bunker Hill monument. Because who knows if you'll ever be back in Boston!?
We almost lost him on the way inside when a (rather fit looking) man came out and said he had only made it about 100 steps up before turning around. But after the Statue of Liberty and a thousand other steps over the past week, they were not going to turn around half-way up. 294 steps later (they're numbered, which doesn't help!) we were at the top, which was a little under-whelming to be honest, but the views were great. Back at the base the boys tried to convince me we needed to Uber to the USS Constitution, but since it was only a few blocks (and downhill), I stood my ground (Bunker Hill pun) and we walked.

When we arrived we walked around a bit lost, trying to find the entrance until we were finally informed that the ship was closed on Mondays. Well, heck. Perhaps we should have looked at that yesterday when we decided to just hang in the room for the night! Still determined to get the passport stamp for their National Parks books we walked across the open area to the museum, which we probably would have skipped had the ship been open, and oy vey did we have fun! Entire replicas of sections from the ship had been built inside, but (added bonus) you could actually touch, feel and lay on them! Who needs the real thing? And that doesn't even go into the build-your-own battleship and fight against each other game...


What I was expecting to be less than an hour at the ship, quickly turned into, "Boys we have to get back and get our bags from the room before they throw them out on the curb!" We could have spent at least a couple more hours there. This time I did call an Uber - because we were late!

Back at the room we did indeed meet the clean-up crew leaving the room for the next occupants and trying to figure out what to do with our bags. So, sorry!! (They were actually very nice and happy we were enjoying their city.) Uber #3 was called.... and the boys and I headed to the airport. We arrived a little before 3pm, which left plenty of time for lunch and a few games of Argh! before our 4:30 flight home. The boys are such amazing travelers. At 8pm Pacific time it was wheels-down in PDX with tired kids, a mother who had basically sat next to this for six hours, huge smiles and some great memories.

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