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Adventures in Burkeland - Five-State-Day!
A little working family on a little hobby farm.
 Saturday, April 21, 2018
Whew - this pace is not sustainable, but luckily we only have a few days left!

Up again with a 8am goal that went to 8:30 when Mike offered to make breakfast and Anne Marie and I got started chatting:)
We left New Jersey, drove through New York and into Connecticut, where we stopped for a brief visit and drive-through of Yale University just because.

Back in the car, through Rhode Island and into Massachusetts, our last state for the trip. We made our way off the freeway and arrived at Plimouth Plantation around 1pm. Not bad time really!
Plimouth is a re-creation of the original colony at Plymouth Rock, built by the Pilgrims a few years after they arrived in America. It starts with a native village, showcasing what native life looked like in the early 1600s, staffed with local natives who were extremely knowledgeable about building, cooking and craftsmanship skills. We watched a "Summer home" be built with reeds that would contract when dry (letting a breeze through) and expand in the rain, saw a man burning out a log for a canoe and ground corn with a young woman cooking suck and corn mash. Then we followed the path to the colony.

The actors in the colony each took on the persona of a pilgrim. They knew the background of their person and could speak knowledgeably to why they came to America, what they brought and what their experience had been so far. It was very interesting to go around and chat with each of them. They did a great job. Scott and Nolan even got called to muster and trained for a bit with spears! We definitely could have spent more than a few hours here, but (of course!) there was some place else we were trying to be and had to move on.

We were just under two hours from Minute Men National Historical Park at Lexington and Concord, where the first shots of the Revolutionary War were fired, and trying to make it by 5pm when the visitors center closed. We arrived at the North Bridge site with ten minutes to spare! Scott ran the boys' passports over for stamps, while the three of us read the plaques, played on the bridge and splashed a bit in the edges of the water. It felt good to be out of the car! With no other timelines looming we hung around for a while, before getting back in the car and heading to Boston.

On the way into town we drove through Harvard's campus, and then through MIT before making a quick stop at Kenmore Square to find the sign that marks the other end of Hwy 20 before finding our AirBnB for the night! Turns out, finding the place wasn't the problem. The problem was parking! A playoff hockey game was taking place not far way and every parking structure was full for blocks. Scott ended up circling the block while the boys and I pulled bags out with each passing until the car was unloaded. Then he took it back and returned it at the airport. We were back on foot, which was perfect since our place was right in the middle of everything we wanted to explore for the rest of the trip. Everything upstairs to our second floor room, and we brought another successful night to a close.
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