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Adventures in Burkeland - Ocean Park
A little working family on a little hobby farm.
 Monday, September 06, 2010
We ran away this weekend to Ocean Park, WA, just north of Long Beach. Scott and I have fond memories of Long Beach because we spent many 4th of July's there back before we had kids... if you've ever been to Long Beach for the 4th, you know why we discontinued that tradition as parents. (Maybe we'll pick it up again someday. When they are no longer on our insurance plan.) Anyway, mom and dad have a time share in Ocean Park and they asked if we wanted to take the first few days of their week since it lined up with Labor Day. Yep! We played on the beach (i.e. dug a giant hole and jumped waves with the kids), swam in the pool, played on the playground, goofed around in Long Beach (good to see the old digs... hasn't changed much) and discovered a new little town called Oysterville (which adorable, despite its fishy name). Gracias papá y mamá for the weekend away! 

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