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Adventures in Burkeland - Counting Down & Catching Up
A little working family on a little hobby farm.
 Wednesday, August 29, 2018
So if you've followed this blog lately, you will probably notice that most of the entries from the last 18 months have suddenly appeared! (You may also win an award for most persistent person on Earth because I'm not sure why you would still be checking!) As the blog has evolved it has become less about communication and more of a scrapbook of our adventures that we reference often for old pictures and answers to "When did we do that???" questions. That has made "when" we update it less important than getting events added "eventually".

There is one place where I tend to log-in and catch-up on things like the blog, email... all sorts of random things I can access online while my kids binge-watch Disney channel: Long Beach! Or more specifically Ocean Park, just north of Long Beach, WA.

Somehow we always seem to end up here for a week each year ("somehow" = THANK YOU POPPY & NONNA) and this year we're using it for some serious downtime during our final week before school starts again. This trip got us thinking about when we came up here with the boys for the first time. Turns out it was this trip in 2010, when Nolan was two and Carson was five. The next year we were back again for a trip that included a tsunami warning and ended with our nephew, Casey, and some baby lambs joining the world. Over the past eight years we've tried the surrey ride, spent time with cousins, explored Astoria, discovered laser tag, achieved Jr. Ranger status at the Lewis & Clark sites several times and taken the opportunity to just swim, be lazy and relax.

All-in-all, everyone should have an Ocean Park-type place they can retreat to for a while every year to put the world aside and just build some memories!

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