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Adventures in Burkeland - Boston!
A little working family on a little hobby farm.
 Sunday, April 22, 2018
Scott turned over in bed this morning and found me reading. "You could go out and walk around, you know?" Duh. He was right. Why am I reading in bed 100 yards away from the Freedom Trail in Boston?? So by 7am I was happily reading plaques in Paul Revere Plaza that I would never have time to read later!
I stuck my head back in the room an hour later to check-in and Nolan popped out to joined me for an exploration of Old North in the early hours of the morning. 

After pushing the last few mornings, we planned a late start today. Trouble was, this gave the boys enough time to get started on a show and they were convinced they had seen enough history.
It was time to spend a day just watching TV. Hahaha.... no.

Well, actually we gave them an extra hour and then got on the subway to the Boston Tea Ships Museum where we caught an 11:15 tour. They did a great job! We started in a meeting space where the actors set the stage for why the tea was causing issues and needed to be dealt with (without being brought on shore!) and what it would mean for those caught destroying it.  After that we were issued feathers (the real participants dressed at Mohawk Indians) and were lead to the ship where we each got to through "tea" into the harbor. After the on-ship time we went back inside where holographs, "live" portraits" and a film walked us through the rest of the events leading up to the Revolutionary War. It was a great summary of all the places we had seen so far! Outside a few minutes after noon, we stopped on the bridge for a while to heckle the next tour as they were throwing tea ("You're committing treason!") before making the quick trip up to Boston Common, where we had lunch and then started our journey on the Freedom Trail.


The Freedom Trail goes 2.5 miles and connects most of the major historical points in Boston. It is well-marked with bricks making it very easy to follow - we had a blast! We didn't think we would have time to go inside most of the places, but as it turned out we did at least stick our heads inside almost every stop between Boston Common and Old North Church. We wandered through burial grounds (including one where John Hancock's pride in his name was clearly on display), learned what it meant to "own a box" in a "closed church" and although Faneuil Hall was closed for construction, had a blast watching street performers and having portraits of the boys drawn in the square outside the building. 

By the time we reached Old North ("One if by land, two if by sea!") we were exhausted, but just in time for the last tour that allowed the public to climb the stairs to the bell tower where the lanterns were hung as a back-up plan for Paul Revere's famous "The redcoats are coming!" ride. After the bell tower they took us down to the catacombs, which the boys were not impressed with. (The words "creepy" and "gross" came up a lot.) Since the church was just around the corner from our Air B&B, it was too tempting to go rest "a while" and that was it: the boys were done.


Boston was still calling to Scott and I though, so we plugged them into a movie and ventured back out for dinner and drinks at two places we wanted to visit: The Bell in Hand and the Green Dragon, two of the country's oldest bars where revolutionary planners met to plot the escape from British tyranny! Fish and chips + ciders = the end to a great day in Boston
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