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Adventures in Burkeland - Good-bye Boston - hello HOME!
A little working family on a little hobby farm.
 Monday, 23 April 2018
All good things must end, and our time together in Boston ended this morning.
Scott was up early and off to the subway with his bags to attend the conference that justified our trip from the start. With him gone it was up to the boys and I to pack up the apartment and have our bags stowed in the kitchen area by the 11am check-out deadline. (We had arranged to leave our bags there for a few more hours so we could take in our final sights.) No longer able to hangout in our room we ate breakfast at Theo's Cozy Corner and then called an Uber to the final two stops on the Freedom Trail: Bunker Hill and the USS Constitution.

It took some coaxing, but Nolan and I finally convinced Carson that we should climb the Bunker Hill monument. Because who knows if you'll ever be back in Boston!?
We almost lost him on the way inside when a (rather fit looking) man came out and said he had only made it about 100 steps up before turning around. But after the Statue of Liberty and a thousand other steps over the past week, they were not going to turn around half-way up. 294 steps later (they're numbered, which doesn't help!) we were at the top, which was a little under-whelming to be honest, but the views were great. Back at the base the boys tried to convince me we needed to Uber to the USS Constitution, but since it was only a few blocks (and downhill), I stood my ground (Bunker Hill pun) and we walked.

When we arrived we walked around a bit lost, trying to find the entrance until we were finally informed that the ship was closed on Mondays. Well, heck. Perhaps we should have looked at that yesterday when we decided to just hang in the room for the night! Still determined to get the passport stamp for their National Parks books we walked across the open area to the museum, which we probably would have skipped had the ship been open, and oy vey did we have fun! Entire replicas of sections from the ship had been built inside, but (added bonus) you could actually touch, feel and lay on them! Who needs the real thing? And that doesn't even go into the build-your-own battleship and fight against each other game...


What I was expecting to be less than an hour at the ship, quickly turned into, "Boys we have to get back and get our bags from the room before they throw them out on the curb!" We could have spent at least a couple more hours there. This time I did call an Uber - because we were late!

Back at the room we did indeed meet the clean-up crew leaving the room for the next occupants and trying to figure out what to do with our bags. So, sorry!! (They were actually very nice and happy we were enjoying their city.) Uber #3 was called.... and the boys and I headed to the airport. We arrived a little before 3pm, which left plenty of time for lunch and a few games of Argh! before our 4:30 flight home. The boys are such amazing travelers. At 8pm Pacific time it was wheels-down in PDX with tired kids, a mother who had basically sat next to this for six hours, huge smiles and some great memories.

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