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Adventures in Burkeland - Summer Boating
A little working family on a little hobby farm.
 Saturday, July 14, 2018
Uncle Rob once again generously volunteered to host us for a day of boating on Foster Lake again this year. After putting our calendars together and finding a day that worked for both of us, Scott and I realized there was potential for making it a camping weekend, instead of just driving down for the day. With a little luck we slid into a cancellation at Sunnyside Park and arrived Thursday night... to the smallest camp site I've seen in a while. Yikes. We could literally talk to our neighbors on both sides with just normal voices. You can to try really hard not to make eye contact with people in the surrounding sites because they were just right there! OK, so this might not be a place we come back to, but in this case, it wasn't about the camping anyway - it's about the lake!
Turns out this weekend ran well into the 90s every day, which made the lake one of the best places in the valley to be!
Rob arrived around 10:30 and we stayed out until almost 4pm, when we returned to the dock with Nolan passed out asleep in the back of the boat. We were sun-soaked, sore (yes, I tried to get up on a wake-board... apparently a bad idea at my age) and very happy.
Thanks, Rob!

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