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Adventures in Burkeland - Crater Lake: 3/3 on National Parks!
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 Sunday, 17 July 2016
Our annual trek to National Parks is now a stated goal: Five or more parks in five years!

So far we've visited:
Redwoods National Park in 2014
Yellowstone National Park in 2015
and... drumroll... now Crater Lake National Park in 2016!!
(Carson had actually been to Crater Lake already in 2007, but we needed to go again as a complete family.)

Since Sunriver is only 90 miles away, it made sense to check our closest park off the list while we were in the area.
With only one day to play in the park we wanted to make it memorable, so we booked four spots on a boat to Wizard Island and crossed our fingers that the boys would be up for the somewhat intense treks that it takes to climb to the summit of the crater, inside the crater. Apparently we had no need to worry. They hit the trail with enthusiasm and never looked back (although it might help they first leg is all downhill). See the a full album of pictures here.

Once the boat dropped us on the island we had three hours to make the top and return to the dock, but again, they hit the crazy, narrow, winding trail with eyes to the top and excited to climb a crater. We had lunch sitting on the rim of Wizard Island! Quick trip around the top and we got back to the dock with time for Nolan and I to hit the water. Very. Very. Briefly.

Now it's time to plan a 2017 National Park adventure!

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